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The FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is a safety measure that was implemented on Android phones to prevent the usage in case the phone is reset by force. This was a response by Android to discourage the acquisition of phones by illegal means. The first implementation of this technology was on Samsung devices and later was introduced on all Android devices running a newer version of the 5.1 OS version. On this blog, we will talk about all its implication and how to FRP unlock your device safely and easy.

How does the FRP Lock work?

The FRP lock serves the purpose of preventing the usage of your device if it has been reset by force. The way the FRP lock works is by storing your Google account data on the device in an internal memory that can’t be erased. This works on all new devices running Android from Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.

Once the Android phone reset by force, it will activate the FRP Lock on your Android, thinking it could be a potential threat for your privacy. Once you reach the initial settings, it will show up on the screen asking you to enter the Google Account details from the last person that used the phone.

How is it activated?

The FRP lock is usually activated when the device is new, and it is being set up by the first user. As you may be aware, most devices now are sync to a Google account, in the case of Android. This activates a wide range of services, such as Photos, Maps, and also the FRP. 

Most users are unaware of it, as they simply choose to have the default settings on it. For the most part, this should be an advantage rather than a problem, as your information will now be secured in case your phone gets stolen and someone tries to reset the phone to resell it.

Is the FRP good?

For the most part, it is, it will make sure that nobody except for you can access your device after resetting it. However, it is easy to forget the login details that we entered when setting the device. This is often the case for new users that create a random account just to finish the set-up process and later forget their details.

Can you disable it?

Yes, you can go into setting and disable the FRP manually on the Google settings. All it takes, is to go into the settings and remove the account that is linked to the device. You can also do this by logging in from any device and removing it from the account.

In case you are stuck on the FRP screen, you can take the second option of going into your Google account. On the device section, you will see your phone and the option to remove it. This will only work if you have access to the email that was introduced when setting the phone up.

What is an FRP Bypass?

Bypass FRP as the name indices is an FRP tool that lets you bypass the FRP lock, but it will not remove the Google FRP. What most of these bypass FRP lock tools do is brutally access the device, temporarily giving you access to the device. This technique is quite popular, as it worked for the most part in old Android versions. However, this technology has been changing, and it is becoming harder and harder to bypass the FRP.

Is it a reliable unlock tool?

If you want to remove FRP lock from your phone, you should look into a different option. Most FRP bypassing tools could be potentially dangerous and will not always guarantee that the Google account verification will not show up again. Unlock FRP by using other means such as the Nifty cool which will let you “bypass Google Account” permanently. 

Are FRP bypass APK safe?

From our own perspective, the free download, and installation of any APK apps could carry some potential risk. It is fair to say that not all of them are unsafe, and some might let you “remove the FRP lock”, rather bypass Google safety. Nevertheless, some can be quite risky and will make the problem even worse.


The biggest safety concerns for all Android users when it comes to APK apps lies as they are downloaded. If you are not familiar, APKs are files for apps that are not checked or review by Google. This means that they might be risky as it could contain malware. 

We invite you to do your own research and find the best FRP Bypass if that is what you are looking for. If you truly want to remove the Google FRP lock, then keep reading, as we are going to give you more information.

Unlock your Android Phone from the FRP Lock

If you truly want to Unlock Android from the FRP lock on Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Etc. Nifty got the right FRP Unlocker tool to unlock your phone permanently from the Android FRP Lock. Our tool is AI powered and the best part is an Online service, so you will unlock the FRP in a matter of minutes.

Submit your request

To begin with, you will need to use our AI assistance, where you will need to fill out some basic information.

  1. Enter the brand of your phone
  2. Enter your IMEI or Serial Number
  3. Provide your name and Email

That’s all, as you can see, this process is simple and doesn’t require much information from your side. If you are not sure how to obtain you IMEI number, you will be able to find it on the back of your phone, on the SIM Card Tray or on the box of your device. 

Make sure that all the information is correct as it is crucial for the unlocking process. Take the time to review the data, especially the IMEI number, which is the gateway to provide the right unlocking details.

Follow the steps

Once your information is submitted, you will receive an Email containing further instructions. Make sure to follow them to activate your order, you may be subjected to verify your request. This is really simple, and all information will be provided to you so you can understand how to activate and proceed with your order.

Unlock your device

After the verification and activation of your request is successful, you will then receive the information to unlock your device. This will consist of a Dummy account that is linked to your IMEI number that will give you access to the phone.

Once you submit the information on the device, you will be then be automatically unlocked, and you will be able to enjoy it once again. Keep in mind that the information generated is only for the device selected and will not work on any other device unless you complete the process on the app.

Is Nifty the best FRP Removal tool?

As always, we invite our users to do their own research when it comes to the FRP “bypass” process. Nonetheless, our team have gathered all the existing problems with Android FRP removal tools, and developed an easy and safe tool to do it. Best part of all, is that the process is done inside the website and no downloads are required in any given point of the process. 


One major advantage about UnlockHere consist on the compatibility of the app. As the tool is hosted on the cloud, all new updates will be at the disposal of users without having to do any effort. In case of an update, the team will make sure to tune it and will be at your availability as soon as possible.


As the app is 100% online, no downloads or installations are needed. This means that any user with an Internet connection and a browser will be able to access the best FRP bypass tool without restrictions. This is a major advantage to those users who are very knowledgeable with technology.

Most of the tools out there that claim to be free can be risky or for the most part not work. If you want a reliable and affordable tool, we recommend taking a look at UnlockHere with their $1 verification fee.

Yes, you do not need to be an expert or take your phone to the shop. This is a process that can be done by yourself with the right tool. We suggest trying tools like Nifty by UnlockHere that are cloud based and do not require downloads.

If you want to remove Google FRP from a Samsung Phone we invite you to try UnlockHere as it is the best and easiest Samsung FRP tool to bypass the FRP.

As always, you will need to do your own research, we are aware that many bypass tools for PC are free to download but might require further purchases within the software to complete the process.

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