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Let’s talk about reported devices and why UnlockHere is the perfect option to fully eliminate any blacklist report using the IMEI number of the locked phone! Now that our AI-powered tool is available worldwide, cleaning any blacklisted handset is easier than ever, so keep reading and learn with us how to IMEI unlock HTC devices in minutes.

What happens when my Smartphone is reported as Lost or Stolen?

What happens when my Smartphone is reported as Lost or Stolen?
What happens when my Smartphone is reported as Lost or Stolen?

When a phone’s IMEI number is flagged as lost/stolen, it is registered on a database called “blacklist”, which is valid internationally and was created as a kind of central reporting point for stolen devices. All wireless carriers can leave a record there when a mobile device is reported by its original owner as stolen, the phone purchase has been marked as fraudulent, the handset appears as unpaid, or it’s associated with any kind of illegal activity.

For how long does an IMEI Report Last?

The blacklist lock is permanent because the moment that your IMEI’s 15 digits are entered into that database, they’re not going to be automatically removed or anything like that; they’ll stay there until you find a way to remove the report. This will render your phone almost useless, at least when talking about its cellular functions, which are pretty important on a cellular device, so it’s pretty important to get rid of the lock for it to go back to normal.

If my HTC is Locked, is it a Good Idea to Resell it?

Even though there are technicians on the internet who buy blacklisted phones because they know how to fix them (and can then resell them again), it is not a pretty good idea because a locked device is not worth as much as an unlocked one. Also, if by any chance a normal person buys your second-hand smartphone without fully understanding the fact that it is reported on the blacklist database, that person will have issues using it later on.

Is it possible to Remove IMEI Reports from an HTC Cell Phone?

Is it possible to Remove IMEI Reports from an HTC Cell Phone?
Is it possible to Remove IMEI Reports from an HTC Cell Phone?

Sure, fixing an IMEI-locked device is definitely possible thanks to UnlockHere’s unlock tool, which won’t take more than half an hour to get rid of both the lock enabled on the handset and the blacklist report made by your carrier. Also, it’s worth highlighting that our program is very intuitive and easy to use, so everyone can take advantage of our friendly interface and complete the process without the need for any technical skills.

Of course, there’s also the option of contacting your phone’s original network provider to ask them to unlock your HTC phone, but the thing is that with them, you’ll need to do a lot of paperwork and wait for one or two weeks while they approve your request. So, if you want to go for an easier, faster, and more practical alternative, it’s better to simply use UnlockHere’s external service, which works with devices from all carriers including T-Mobile, Vodafone, EE, and AT&T, among others.

How much is it to Unblacklist an HTC Mobile Phone?

You’ll find all price ranges online because there are services that can charge you up to $20 or $50, or even ask you to enroll in some sort of subscription in which you have to pay monthly fees to keep the device unlocked. However, in UnlockHere we offer a service 100% free of charge that is available for all HTC models, so don’t worry about paying expensive fees to free your phone because we won’t ask you to pay for anything.

Why is an Online HTC Unlock better than changing the IMEI of the Device?

Why is an Online HTC Unlock better than changing the IMEI of the Device?
Why is an Online HTC Unlock better than changing the IMEI of the Device?

Removing your IMEI’s 15 digits from the blacklist database using our AI-powered service is way better than making modifications to your phone’s system to set a new one. This is mainly because changing the IMEI code of an HTC mobile phone device is illegal in many countries including the US, even with more reason if it appears as blacklisted.

Also, modifying your phone’s IMEI will make it vulnerable to cyberattacks, can completely and permanently damage it, will void its factory warranty, and will make it incompatible with new OS updates (iOS, Android, etc.). This happens because cellular devices are not meant to support any modifications to their factory settings and specifications, so it’s always better to simply clean the existing IMEI instead of taking all those risks.

Why is UnlockHere’s Unlocking Process the Best Online Alternative?

Unlocking your phone with UnlockHere is definitely the best option to get rid of the blacklist report made with your phone’s IMEI number simply because we count on a 99.9% success rate, offer a permanent solution, and it’s all free of charge. Also, our process is not risky like installing APK files on the device, rooting it, or changing its IMEI, so we won’t void your warranty or impact your smartphone’s performance.

How do I IMEI Unlock HTC Phones without calling the Carrier?: Simple Steps Here!


The very first thing you’ll need to clean an IMEI-locked phone with UnlockHere is to have ready the IMEI of the device you want to fix because you’ll need to provide it to us before the process as our AI-powered system uses it to identify your handset. Now, if you already have it handy, make sure you count on an email address to which you have access because that’s where you’ll receive our confirmation messages; if you have it ready as well, follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on the box that says “Fix IMEI Blacklist”.
  • Select the brand of the device.
  • Enter all the information requested.
  • Submit your order.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions on your screen.

For how long will my HTC’s IMEI remain Unlocked?

Even though other platforms offer temporal bypasses where the blacklist report remains there, in UnlockHere, we can permanently unlock your mobile device and keep the phone unlocked forever. So, don’t worry about having to deal with this problem after a while because once we unlock HTC phones online, they remain perfectly functional once and for all.

#1 Tool to IMEI Unlock HTC of all Carriers to use any Network in the World!

#1 Tool to IMEI Unlock HTC of all Carrier Providers to use any Network in the World!

Our service is widely recognized as the best option to fix reported IMEIs thanks to our high compatibility with all mobile operators, operating systems, device brands, and phone models. This means that you can unlock any HTC smartphone but also any other type of device like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but that’s not the only benefit that we have for you, we also offer:

  • A 100% online process.
  • A very fast option that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.
  • A very friendly and easy-to-use platform.
  • Safety measures implemented like free SSL certificate protection.
  • A completely safe process for your phone’s performance.

After Unlocking HTC One Phones, will I be able to switch to any Carrier I want?

Sure, after you follow the instructions on how to unlock your IMEI-locked device with us, you’ll have no connectivity restrictions and will be able to use your HTC handset as if it was never reported. However, if you see that the device only works with its original carrier’s SIM card, it might be due to a SIM lock, and if that’s your case, you’ll need to contact your carrier network for them to give you an HTC unlock code.

Anyway, if the SIM unlock process doesn’t work and you’re unable to fix your phone by code, there’s another way to start using a SIM card from a different provider without restrictions. If you go to our official website, you’ll find all the information about our network unlock service without a SIM unlock code, so go there and learn how to fix that via IMEI without needing to enter an unlock code into the device.