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The blacklisted IMEI is a type of technology that was implemented as a way to crack down on the usage of devices marked as lost or stolen. The main goal of this technology is to discourage the buying and selling of such devices. This security measure has been changing throughout the years, and it is becoming more robust to protect all users. As any other method, there are flaws in the system and users end up with a blacklisted IMEI number without any reason. We will explore more about blacklisted phones and tell what to look for if you want to unlock a blacklisted device.

How does the blacklist IMEI work?

As you might already know, if an IMEI number is entered on the blacklist, the phone won’t be able to connect to any network. But, how is it this even possible. Thanks to the nature of the IMEI number, which consist of 15 digits, and it’s unique to every phone, carriers are able to pick this information and know who is accessing the network.

This is also possible due to an agreement that most phone providers have and share, in which they will reject the connection of such phones. As you can see, there is a similar partner with the carrier lock, as it somewhat works in a related way. However, this is not to be confused with the blacklisted IMEI, which is completely different.

Check the status of your IMEI number?

If you suspect that your device has been blacklisted, it is crucial to check the blacklist status of it. To do so, you will need to do the following to properly do it:

  • Get your IMEI Number (Simply dial #*06#)
  • Use an IMEI Checker (Simply Google it)
  • Submit the information.

This service is free as the blacklist database is of public access, we suggest to check from 2 to 3 different sources as the information might not be up-to-date on all platforms.

As a side note, the methodology to obtain your IMEI number is the same in Android and iPhone. You can also find this information on the settings of your phone or somewhere inside the phone.

Why did I get blacklisted?

The main reason why your phone is blacklisted is due to a report made by either the carrier or some authority claiming that the phone was lost or stolen. You may also get your phone blacklisted if it has been used for spam or activities that break your local law. 

There are also cases in which the owner reported the phone by mistake. This is often the case where phone owner decide to lock their devices just in case, but later find them. If this is your case, you will need to unlock your phone from the blacklist if you want to use it again.

Is it the same as the bad ESN?

Yes, the blacklisted IMEI or Bad ESN are exactly the same thing. The IMEI is closely related if not identical to your IMEI number. ESN stands for (Electronic Serial Number) and it is an added piece of information to all devices. Now you know that IMEI or ESN are just the same and will affect you in the same manner.

Does it only affect android devices?

No, the blacklist is universal, and it has nothing to do with the type of phone that you are using. As a general law, any phone is reported the same way and the effect will be exactly the same. Blacklisted iPhones won’t be able to connect to any other, just as any other Android phone would do if blacklisted.

How to unlock a blacklisted phone

If you want to unlock your device from the blacklist, you will need to find a tool that allows you to do so. The way the process generally work is by making an unlock request that will be sent to the correct authority to grant you an unlock code. Some other tools work independently and used their own methods. Make sure to follow the next recommendation before trying any tool.

Be aware of the methods

One very important factor before you try any tool is the methodology that they use. Stay away from any tools that require the download of a software or installing any app on your phone. This can be risky as many of them could potentially contain malware and some other may affect the phone’s IMEI. 

Be fully aware that cloning or changing your IMEI can damage your device permanently. Although this may remove the blacklist from the device, it can be blocked again more aggressively, in which case, your phone will be useless. 

Check the reviews of the app

Another important criteria and probably more obvious is to check the reputation of the site or shop you want to use. Nowadays, you will be able to find any type of reviews regardless of the service, there is no difference with IMEI blacklist removal tools.

Take the time to review the apps that you want to use, and always do further research. Also make sure to check for the compatibility of the service with your device as well as the country. 

Best blacklist removal service

Unlock blacklisted IMEI with Nifty, an AI powered tool that helps you unlock your device within minutes. We know how frustrating it can be to find the right app to unlock a blacklisted iPhone or Android Phone, that’s where Nifty jumps right in to help you.

We invite you to check our resources and our Android and iPhone blacklist removal tool. If you want some specific information, make sure to check our blog or contacts us through the direct channels offered on the website.

Is there any other ways to unlock a mobile phone?

You can also apply to get the blacklist report removed by your carrier if you can meet the requirements of the network provider. We won’t go into details as every carrier is free to set their own rules. This unlocks process mostly apply for those users who blacklisted their phone by mistake. 

When a IMEI is blacklisted, this will go into a share list that it’s shared with all carriers around the world. This means that if someone is trying to use a blacklisted phone, the phone toward will not allow the connection.

Yes, you can unlock a blacklisted IMEI as long as you use the right tool. We invite you to read this blog to find out how to find the right tool to remove the carrier blacklist and unlock the phone using the right unlocking tool.

If you use the phone with a blacklisted IMEI and you enter your SIM Card, the network will not allow your connection. Although your Sim Card is fully working, the phone simply is not able to connect unlock you use an IMEI blacklist removal service to get it off the blacklist.

It will always depend on the service you use and the status of your phone. If you use a trusted service such as UnlockHere, the IMEI report should be gone in not longer than a day.

As we explained before, there are different tools to unlock your blacklisted phone. This process can be done by yourself and you do not need any type of external help to remove it from the blacklist.