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Unlock the full capabilities of your iPhone by utilizing Nifty’s comprehensive online solution to clear your device’s IMEI from the blacklist. This service is compatible with all iOS models, versions, and countries, ensuring seamless functionality for your device.

Having a blacklisted IMEI can be a real problem when you are trying to use your iPhone, as it restricts a lot of essential features on your phone. To begin with, all blacklisted devices won’t be able to connect to the carrier, which kills the point of having a phone. There are several ways to unlock your IMEI number and start using your device; in this article, we want to show you a few of these methods to see which one works for you. We advise you to read carefully and try the service that better suits your needs.

What is a locked IMEI?

A locked IMEI is a feature that can be enabled in any iOS device if the owner or the carrier requests to activate it. This will likely prevent the usage of the device by not letting it access to the network and also limiting the usage of your iPhone as an error will likely pop up. This type of lock is nothing new, and it has been around for a long time in an effort to prevent the usage of a phone when the owner or company decides to lock it. 

How does it work on iPhone?

The way this works on iPhones is not much different as it would work on an Android phone. When this feature is enabled, the IMEI will be blacklisted and will prevent it from accessing any mobile phone network. This is possible as all carriers and manufacturers are required to submit and provide an IMEI for each device that accesses the market. If the phone is on this list, it will not be able to pick up any signal, and it will always show up on your iPhone, limiting its usability.

Is this the iCloud activation lock?

No, the iCloud activation lock screen is a separate lock that has nothing to do with a blacklisted IMEI. A lot of people tend to confuse these terms as there are many locks, and there are a lot of misconceptions and myths around phone locks. Be aware that the unlock process to remove the iCloud account is way different from removing your iPhone from the blacklist.

How to check if your iPhone is Blacklisted?

If your iPhone is locked, but you are still determining if you are facing the IMEI locked, it is always a good idea to test this theory by troubleshooting this issue. As of right now, there are two main ways you can check the status of your iPhone.

  1. Contact your carrier directly and request the status of your device
  2. Google any free tool to check for the blacklist status

As you can see, checking for this lock is pretty simple; if you have the option to get the status by your carrier, we recommend you do so. Most online tools rely on public information that is provided by the carriers, which tends not to be updated all the time. If you decide to use any Online tool, make sure to use at least 2–3 to make sure that there are no discrepancies in the information.

Where can you find your IMEI number?

All manufacturers are required by law to have a universal and easy way to find the IMEI on your device. For the most part, it will be displayed somewhere in the hardware of your iPhone; for newer models, it might be on the SIM card tray, whereas old devices might have it written on the back. However, if you want to make it as easy as possible to find the IMEI number, simply go to your dial and enter the following code *#06#. This will trigger a pop-up with all the information on your device, including the IMEI number.

How do you unlock the IMEI number of your iPhone?

Now that you have checked that you have an IMEI lock problem, we will cover your options to solve this issue. We want to clarify that not all options suit everyone based on the difficulty level or the requirements needed to complete the process. These processes should only be done if you are the legitimate owner of the device; we do not encourage the unlocking of devices by a third party.

Contact the carrier

The first option that you might want to consider is to send an unlock request directly to your carrier. This is the best way to unlock an iPhone, as they are the higher authority to request the removal. To do the process directly with your provider, you will likely need the following information. Be aware that not all carriers will ask for the same things:

  • Official ID
  • Proof of ownership of the device
  • Registration of the device on the company
  • Have no outstanding balance with the carrier
  • Contact details

If you meet the requirements shown above, there is a high chance that you can iPhone unlock your device via your carrier. Once submitted the request, they will reach out to you to let you know if they can grant the unlock or not. If so, it is only a matter of time before you can reaccess the network and enjoy your device. 

Use an Online Unlock Service

Suppose you don’t meet one of the requirements or don’t want to deal with all the paperwork and time it takes. If so, you can use an Online tool that handles the whole process for you; it is important to understand that a lot of the tools offered on the web are likely not going to work or will ask you for a lot of things. That’s why UnlockHere along with its teams of engineers have developed an Online tool that can handle this process directly from your browser, with a faster turnaround time compared to the network carrier and other tools.

Unlock iPhone using UnlockHere Web App

If you want to speed up the unlocking process of your iPhone, we invite you to use UnlockHere’s unlock tool, which can unlock any iPhone regardless of the model. Make sure to follow the steps correctly to avoid any delays in the process. Before starting the process, make sure that you have your device with you and a stable internet connection to make sure that the process goes smoothly.

Submit your application

To begin the process, you must access the official UnlockHere tool; remember that the whole process is done on the website itself. If you need to access an external website, we will disclose it to you, and you will have direct access to it. Once you are ready, you will need to submit the following information to unlock iPhone Online:

  • Device model
  • Enter IMEI Number or Serial Number
  • Name
  • Email

That’s all you need to start the process: make sure that all the information is correct, as it is crucial to have the right information. You can double-check if your IMEI is correct simply by using any IMEI checker tool that is free to use.

Activate your request

When your request is sent to the servers, you will need to activate it manually to make sure you are the right owner and you are not abusing the service. To complete the activation request, follow the steps on the website. All information will be at your disposal to read and watch. This is just a formality to prevent any unwanted or commercial use of the app. This service is intended to be used personally. The activation process should not take longer than 5–10 minutes, and it is very easy to do,

Unlock your iPhone without seconds

Once your order is submitted and activated, all you need to do is wait for a confirmation email letting you know that the unlocking process has been successful. This is all possible thanks to our latest technology, which allow us to unlock phones remotely without any extra steps. After a few minutes, simply insert the sim card compatible with your phone and start enjoying your unblacklisted iPhone.

It is not exactly. The IMEI is used to identify your device and issue the right unlocking. For instance, if you request the removal of the carrier lock, you will then be granted an unlock code linked to your IMEI number. In case you are removing your IMEI from the blacklist, the correct entity will remove it and activate your phone. As you can see, the IMEI number is the most crucial piece of information as it stores all the information of your iPhone.

Yes, you can check this information without the sim card of your phone. However, without the IMEI number, this task would be impossible, as it is the number that will store everything related to your phone. If you want to check this information, simply get the IMEI number and use any tool to check this information.

This is just another way that people call the IMEI Unlock, it is exactly the same, and it will not vary much from any other iPhone unlock service that is available in the market. If you want to connect your iPhone back to your network, we invite you to check our resources to start enjoying your iPhone once again.

Yes, this tool is universal and works in devices such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 8, or newer models like iPhone 15. The great advantage of this tool is that it works Online which let the team work on any future updates without affecting users.