Carrier Unlock Australia

Unlock Any AU Carrier with Nifty

Forget about the impossible methods of unlocking your phone from carriers in Australia. We all know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, Niftya has developed an AI online tool that allows you to unlock any phone without restrictions.

If you have purchased a locked phone, you might be aware that you are only able to connect to a single network. This can be a huge headache for a lot of users because they are not able to enjoy better deals in other carriers, sell their devices quicker, etc. On this guide, we want to give you a comprehensive guide on what this problem is, how to remove it and much more. We suggest reading this whole article to fully know how to unlock your phone and use it in another network.

How does the carrier lock work in Australia?

The network lock in Australia is not different to that in other places in the world. This lock prevents the user from using another Sim Card without previous authorization by the carrier. This means, that unless you unlock your device, you will be stuck with the same provider. The reason behind the locking is to keep you using their services, mainly this is because of some sort of deal on post-paid plans.

Is it all the same for all companies?

Yes, the way phones are lock it’s exactly the same and follows a partner to standardize the process, so one can unlock the phone with almost the same requirements. Luckily in Australia, all the network providers work under the same technology which makes the whole process a lot easier.

What are the main disadvantages?

The main and most obvious consequence of this lock is the fact that you are not allow to try and enjoy services by other carriers. With a growing market in the country and more offer to customer, this can be quite annoying for the great majority of people stuck with a locked device. Also, other consequences have to do with the fact that selling your device will be harder as it will force the buyer to be an existing client from the same company.

Can you network unlock your phone?

Yes, there are multiple ways to unlock your phone, the main problem lies on how you can do this process and what you need to do. For the most part, you can unlock your phone directly from your carrier, use a third-party service or use some sort of software on your mobile phone. Each process require different levels of expertise, and some might be more effective than the others.

Are there any consequences?

It could, using software from unofficial parties can damage your phone by voiding the warranty of your phone or affecting the software inside. We do not recommend using any unofficial software that requires downloads or that requires changing internal settings on your phone.ย 

If you want to unlock your phone, we do recommend requesting an unlock on your carrier or using a third party that can handle this process for you. Always check the requirements and check which option better suit your needs to avoid wasting time.

Is it worth it?

Unlocking your phone will bring tons of benefits that you might or not be aware of. The first and most obvious is the fact that you will be able to use a different network, this means that you can access better and cheaper services. On the other hand, if you are planning to sell it, it will be easier as anyone can use the SIM of their preference and the retail value therefore will increase.

Unlock your Device by your Carrier

Yes, all companies are required to give users an unlocking process to free their devices. This doesn’t mean the process is easy, and you won’t have to follow certain procedures to be able to do so. To be clear, all carriers in Australia are free to set their own rules, and it will vary depending on your case.ย 


To request your unlock code, you will need to follow certain requirements by your carrier, it is impossible for us to give you a definitive guide on all requirements. However, the most common things asked by your company are the following:

  • Formal letter or request
  • Receipt of purchase
  • One piece of ID
  • Good standing with the companyย 
  • Contact point

After compiling some information, we found that these are the most common things that you will likely be required to get before submitting your request. Nevertheless, companies can ask for extra paperwork either when submitting the process or while the process is going.


Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the company, and they will decide if they want to issue a network unlock code or if they consider that you do not qualify for it. Make sure to obtain a process number when requesting the unlocking, this allows you to keep track and dispute anything along the process.


As you might be aware, although the process seems to be easier, carriers make it extremely hard to discourage people from unlocking their devices. If you have the time and patience to follow the process, then we recommend following this path. If you do not want to deal with any of these, we do recommend using our online service that will handle the process for you.

Best Network Unlock Service

Here at UnlockHere our developers have created Nifty, an AI powered tool that helps you unlock your phone and use a new sim card in the blink of an eye. This tool has been developed in a way to phone unlock your phone using its IMEI number completely Online. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to unlock your mobile phone by IMEI in just a matter of minutes, regardless of phone model or company.

Submit your application

To begin with, open the Nifty web app to start the unlocking process. All you need to do is to complete a simple form with the devices’ information to request the SIM unlock, this is very easy to complete and won’t take more than a few minutes. Make sure to have your device fully charged, all you need is the following:

  • Name
  • Email address (Point of contact)
  • Device Brand
  • IMEI Numberย 

Please double-check all information before sending it to the server to avoid longer waiting times. Remember, if your application contains invalid information, you will need to start the process all over again, which might take a while.

Complete and Activate your order

After submitting your application, you will need to activate it, to do so, the platform will provide you with all extra steps in case it is necessary. We have implemented such technology to avoid the tool to be used commercially. Make sure to comply with all the requirements and check all the resources such as video tutorials and guides that we have made for you. On average, activating your order won’t take more than 10 minutes and the system will take care of the rest.

Enjoy a fully unlocked device

At this point, all you need to do is wait for a confirmation email, which will let you know that the device has been unlocked completely, and now it’s able to receive any network of your choice. This process is simple, there is no need to enter network unlock codes anymore as the system will internally do it for you. If the demand is high, there is a chance that the email can take longer, we try to make it as fast as possible but something the amount of request are too high to handle immediacy.

Does it work on iPhone and Android?

Yes, since this process does not involve the phone itself but rather an internal request to remove your phone from a database, it will be irrelevant what phone you have. This tool is compatible will all new and old devices and will also work overseas. It is also worth noting that this tool also covers all big and small prepay operators in Australia.

Will I be able to use any service provider?

Yes, once the phone is unlocked, you will be able to receive any type of signal on your phone. The only restriction at this point is the fact that your phone might not be adequate for some sort of signals, for example 5g. This has nothing to do with the tool, but rather with the technology your device is equipped with.

How long does it take?

Depends, on average users take 1 hour to complete the process from A to Z, it will all depend on if you have all the information ready and if you follow all the steps on the website. As we mentioned before, if the demand for the service is high, it might take longer for the server to process your request. A pop-up or an email will be sent to you letting you know this, do not start a new request as this might cloak the service and make it slower.

Is it Safe?

Yes, the fact that Nifty is built completely online makes it extremely safe compared to any other tools available on the market. On top of that, the server is equipped with SSL certificate that protects all the information that is received and later send by the application. We take your privacy seriously, that’s why we follow the highest and safest practices to keep you safe.

Not quite, regardless of the process you take, you will find yourself spending money trying to contact or going to the branch of your network. This can be expensive, and more than that, it will cost a lot of your time. If you decide to use Nifty, you might end up paying to $1 for the usage of the service. At the end, it all depends on you and how much time and resources you want to spend.

A carrier unlock code is a one time pass that removes your phone from a database where all locked phones are placed. If done correctly, this code will execute an USSD action that will communicate the provider to remove it from such list. In the past, these codes were generic and often could be used multiple times, nowadays, all codes generated are unique and often have a deadline if you want to use them.

Yes, all options explained on this article work for all carriers in Australia such as Telstra, Vodafone, and more. Furthermore, it also it’s compatible with iPhones, Android Phones (Nokia, Samsung, etc.). We invite you to use our tool and read our resources if you wish to unlock your phone.

Finding your IMEI is a very simple process, by law it needs to be found on the physical part of your phone (Hardware), this will vary depending the model and year of your phone. An easy way to do so is by dialing the following code (#*06#), this code will show you all the details of your phone including the IMEI number, if you phone has an e-sim or double sim card, make sure to select the first one as it will always be the main one.