Carrier Unlock Ireland

Unlock Any Irish Carrier with Nifty

Forget about the impossible methods of unlocking your phone from carriers in Ireland. We all know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, Nifty has developed an AI online tool that allows you to unlock any phone without restrictions.

Unlocking your phone from the carrier gives you the freedom to choose whatever network provider you want and take advantage of new companies in the market. If you have an unlocked device, we will show you the options you have to get the unlock code for your mobile phone. This process might vary depending on your situation, but for the most part is easy and straightforward. Feel free to check all our resources to understand how this process actually works and avoid any delays while unlocking your phone.

Why is my phone locked to the network?

If you are wondering why your phone is locked to the carrier, there are two main reasons why this might have happened. The first one has to do with getting a contract on the device, in which you buy the phone for a lower price with the promise of staying with the carrier for a set amount of time. The second, and least common, is the fact that you bought a prepaid phone that is exclusive for that carrier, and therefore it can only be used in such network. This is not common, and it commonly happens with devices of low value that don’t offer much in terms of technology, and they have a specific audience. Whatever is your reason, this can affect the freedom of choosing and taking advantages of new providers that usually offer better deals.

Does the lock ever expires?

No, many people think that after the contract is finished, the carrier will automatically unlock your device. This is far from the truth, most carriers still require you to submit an application and go through a lengthy process to unlock your device. At the end of the day, their main goal is to get you to use their services, and it is not in their best interest to let you go. It is important to unlock your device once your contract is over to get all the benefits that an unlocked device has to offer.

Does it affect all mobile phones?

Yes, the carrier lock can be imposed on any device regardless of the brand, OS system or country or origin. For instance, an iPhone device or an android are lock the same way using your IMEI number. Carriers usually lock their devices before they are sold to the customer, in which they introduce your IMEI into a shared database that will restrict the usage of any other network. It is indispensable to understand that this lock only works on the type of network it was selected. This means that you can still use your phone overseas, as long as the new carrier uses another type of technology to receive and send signal.

What are the benefits of unlocking my phone?

Unlocking your phone has a lot of benefits, such as getting a better deal on another carrier or simply having an easier time selling that old device. We will quickly discover and tell you about these benefits, so you can also start enjoying them.

Better phone deals

As of recent, new competitors are entering the Irish market to compete with major brands such as Vodafone or Eir Mobile. Having an unlocked device gives you the freedom to switch and try all the new companies that are arriving in the market and take advantage of the great deals that they offer. It is indispensable to have a phone unlocked from the carrier if you want to try any of the new network providers in Ireland.

Higher chances of selling your phone

It is not surprised that by having an unlocked device, you will have a better chance of selling your device. Selling a locked device usually restricts your market, as the other end must use the same network that phone is currently locked to. We fully recommend doing this process before selling it as it will likely increase the price as well as it will be easier to sell it as you will have access to a broader market.

Use it overseas as you wish

Unless you travel to any other EU country or inside the UK, it is likely that roaming fees are very expensive and it some cases unaffordable for the majority of people. Having an unlocked device opens the possibility to use the sim card of a different network without complications. If you travel overseas, we fully recommend requesting an unlock code before travelling, as it will save you a lot of money and headaches while travelling.

How to unlock your Mobile Phone from the Carrier?

As of right now, there are two main ways to unlock your device from the carrier permanently. It is fair to say that both of these methods are effective, but at the end it will really depend on your situation. We invite you to read this guide to find out which unlock services work the best to get rid of the network lock.

Request the network unlock directly on your carrier

The first and most common method is to request the unlock code directly to your carrier. As we briefly explained before, you have the right to unlock your device once the contract is over. Although it sounds easy, there is a whole process involved which can be too much for some people. Before you proceed with this method, make sure to be in good standing with the company as well as have the time to deal with the process. If you decide to take this path, it will likely involve the following steps:

  • Contact your carrier or visit one of the locations
  • Request the Unlocking code to the customer service
  • Submit proof of ownership
  • Have all bills settled with the carrier
  • Have a blacklisted free deviceย 
  • Wait for your unlocking code

Keep in mind, along the process you may be asked for more requirements are carriers are free to do so. This process can take a few days up to a few weeks depending on the amount of requests being processed at the time as well as the documents that you have presented to them.

Try a third party unlocking tool

If you don’t have the time, or maybe you don’t meet all the requirements, the alternative option is to use a third party tool to handle the process for you. Before you go ahead and find any, we want to let you know that it is important to find the right one, as many of them simply don’t work. As we noticed that, we decided to take matters into our hands, that’s why our team at UnlockHere decided to create an AI tool that handles the process completely online for you.

Online SIM Unlock by UnlockHere

If you want to change your carrier and still don’t know how to do it, Nifty is here to rescue you. This new AI tool can unlock your device in a matter of minutes using the latest technology. The process is 100% Online, which means that you do not need to download any type of software or enter more information of what is needed. Make sure to follow the tutorial correctly to avoid any delays along the process and make sure you can unlock your phone.

Submit your request

The first and most important step is to submit your request, this allows the AI tool to get started with the unlock request and submit it to the network. For this step, you will need the following information:

Make sure to have your phone with you, as you will need it to obtain the information above. Double check all the data before sending to the server, this will prevent you from starting the process all over again.

Complete the steps

After this step, you will need to activate your order following the steps on the website. This process is fairly simple, and all information will be sent to your email, videos, and tutorials will be provided to you during the whole process to make it simple. This was implemented in an attempt to prevent the commercial use of this unlocking methods. Remember that this unlocks Phone method was designed to help normal and not companies.

Enjoy a phone permanently unlocked from the carrier

After completing all the steps, you will receive a notification on your email letting you know that your device has been successfully unlocked. Feel free to try any network in Ireland to check that the device has been unlocked from the carrier. In case you need any assistance, feel free to contact our support team or read the resources as we are sure they might be able to help you.

Yes, any device that has been locked to the carrier can be therefore be unlocked if done correctly. You can do this process directly on your carrier or using any tool like the one we have shown you. Feel free to do your own research to find the best solution for your case.

Unlocking your phone is an inexpensive process, and it usually cost less than 10 euros for the process itself. If you have any outstanding bill with your provider, you will need to pay it off first before you can request the unlock code.

No, this process has to be done directly on the carrier or through a third party tool that submits the process to the request for you. It is likely that some shops simply submit a form to the carrier and wait for a positive outcome. We do not recommend this, but doing the process yourself on the network or using a trusted network such as UnlockHere.