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The network lock also known as the carrier lock, it’s a limitation imposed by mobile carriers to restrict the access of phones into other networks. This goes back all the way since the introduction of phone plans, where companies were able to provide devices at a discounted price with the promise of the user to have an active service with them. Even though, this commercial strategy is not as popular as it once was, there are many phone carriers still offering it. On this blog, we will talk in detail about the carrier lock and how to network unlock your phone to use a new SIM Card.

What is the network lock?

The network lock is a restriction that limits your freedom when it comes to choosing the provider you want to use. This is solely based on a market share strategy to attract customer by giving them phones at a better rate. In return, the company will get you to sign a contract in which you are obligated to use their services for a set amount of time.

How does it work?

Now, you might be wondering how all of this is possible to ensure that users do not use any other Sim. To make sure that the phone is only able to work within a certain network, phone providers alongside manufacturers tune devices to restrict them from using the network via IMEI.

The IMEI number is a unique code that it is attached to your phone that contains all the information of the device. This information can be read in different ways, including communication towers. Once a phone is lock, this will be tune to only receive certain frequencies that in this case are from the company that locked your device.

Is it the same around the world?

Not quite, as of right now exist GSM and CDMA networks, although new ones are being used on the spectrum. When a manufacturer or provider set the network lock, it can only do it for certain frequencies.

For example, a phone that is locked to a USA network can be used in China as the protocols are not the same and their request will not be rejected. For the most part, regions standardize their networks to work the same across border countries and regions and prevent loopholes.ย 

What is a network unlock app?

A Network or Sim unlock app is a tool that allows us to get rid of the current carrier limitations. The way most of them work is by submitting an unlocking request to the carrier with our device information, this will then generate an unlock code which grant us access to any network.

It is fair to say that there are other methods out there that may not be as safe. Regardless of that, it is up to your own criteria and risk to use those.

Is it the same as the carrier unlock?

Yes, it is easy to get confused with many terms that exist out there. The core of the problem is the same and the result of all device unlock apps are the same when it comes to the carrier unlock.ย 

How to identify a good sim network unlock app?

Before you try any network unlock tool, we want to share some tips you can use to find the right tool for you. Make sure to do your own research before trying any service to ensure that it is the right one for you.


One important factor before choosing the right unlocking app, is to check the compatibility with your device as well with the company. As we mentioned before, there are different types of networks out there, make sure to verify that yours is included before initiating the process. On the other hand, check if they support your brand (Samsung, LG, Motorola, Etc).


True to say, reviews are more important than ever with a well-connected world. Nowadays, anyone can leave a review or express their satisfaction or disappointment with any service. Ensure to do a quickly Google search about the service that you intend to use to find out more and see if you want to use it.


Another important factor is the safety of the process. As a general rule, avoid any app that forces you to download any type of app directly to your phone (Google Play / Play Store included). A lot of these software products might contain potential malware that could potentially damage your phone or leak personal information.

Can you unlock your phone directly with the carrier?

Yes, most carriers offer some sort of unlocking processed to be used in any network. It is important to note, that these processes are not easy and will require tons of time as well as paperwork.


To begin with, you will need to be eligible for the unlocking code for your mobile device. All carriers can set their own rules when it comes to their unlocking processes. However, there are some standard requirements that you must follow:

  • Be the owner of the device
  • Have no outstanding balance with the company
  • The phone should not have been reported
  • The IMEI number needs to be attached to your name

If you have this basic requirements, you may be eligible for a permanent unlock from your carrier. If you think you fulfil the requirements, contact your provider and ask about the full process to use another network on your phone.


Another thing involved with unlocking your device directly with your carrier is the cost that it can have. This will highly depend on your specific situation. For those users who honored their contracts and always paid on time might have a reduced or no fee. If you ran into problems with your provider, it is likely that you need to cover a high fee for the unlocking service.

Benefits of unlocking your device

Unlocking your phone brings a lot of benefits that we will list here. We know there are more than the ones we are going to mention, if you feel we missed one, please contact us:

  • Save money with new providers
  • Avoid roaming fees
  • Use local sim cards when abroad
  • Sell your phone more easily

If you are currently stuck with your current network provider or if you want to travel abroad, it is likely that you need a network unlock app. Using an unlock software will give you the freedom to choose from any carrier that you want.

Yes, if you do the process correctly, you will be able to do the sim network unlock pin to automatically unlock your phone. We invite you to read our resources or try our tool to get rid of the network lock.

A network unlock app is a third party app that do the unlocking process for you. There are many out there that operate freely, make sure to find the right one for your needs.

Yes, whether it is an AT&T or a T-Mobile Phone, UnlockHere has your back when it comes to unlocking any phone across the country. Our app is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Before we talk about this code, it is important to say that this type of unlocking process is no longer in use. In the past, carriers pre-set certain codes that allowed users to unlock their phones from the network, this is not longer the case.