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Having an unlocked phone can make a difference if you are trying to save some money on a different carrier, use an old device that you have sitting around, or simply sell it. That’s why it is important to have a good phone unlocking service at your disposal if you want to get rid of all those issues. On this guide, we will talk about the different types of locks that exist out there and as you browse on our menu, you will find a more detailed guide on each service available. It is important to note that it is recommended it that you do some independent research to find out which one is the best for your mobile phone.

What is phone unlocking service?

A phone unlocking service is either an Online or Offline service which unlock devices from several locks that they suffer. Ranging from well known shops to renowned websites, all of them offer similar services to some extent.ย  Nowadays, online services are more popular among users to do their unlocking process as it is more convenient and faster for the most part. We will also give you a guide on how to find a great service to unlock your cell phone.

Do they all unlock phones the same way?

To some extent, all of them use a similar technology and rely on the same information. However, their processing may vary as not all locks have the same difficulty. As you already know, or you will encounter, most service unlock phones by IMEI which is the primary piece of information to request any type of unlock.

Benefits of unlocking your phone

There are many benefits when it comes to unlocking your phone. Regardless of the lock that you currently have, unlocking your device is highly beneficial as it brings lots of benefits. It is important to say that these are some general benefits that may or not apply to your own case. Feel free to contact us via email if you want us to add more things to the list or if you want us to add more information to the blogs.

Higher reselling value

Having an unlocked device will increase the chances of selling your phone as well as increasing its value. This is really straightforward to realize, as an unlocked phone will have no problem to the future owner. For the most part, this benefits those users with the carrier lock, as they can now connect to any CDMA or GSM Network of their choice.

Save money

Once again, this benefits goes more towards those users with the service provider lock. If your device is unlocked, you will be able to enjoy using any foreign or local sim card of your choice without restrictions. This is highly appreciated for those travelling abroad as they now save on roaming charges, which are often quite expensive.

Moreover, with new competition arriving to all markets across the globe, you can take advantage of better deals than traditional companies do not offer. If your phone is locked from the carrier, we invite you to do your sim unlock now, so you can use a new SIM or simply be ready if you have any good deals.

What are the most popular unlock services?

As the market is currently dominated by iOS and Android devices, the most popular service serve those operating systems. It is fair to say, that there are more locks to cover. However, we will only talk about the most common ones that currently affect users around the globe.

Carrier Unlock

The carrier or network lock is a restriction set by your carrier in which the phone will not be able to connect to any network. This is nothing new, and it has been hapenning since the early introduction of mobile devices. Customers benefit from a preferential rate, while carriers ensure that you use their service on the long term (Usually postpaid users).

IMEI Unlock

The IMEI lock is a more sophisticated and advanced mechanism that carriers along with law enforcement use to lock devices marked as lost or stolen. This lock was implemented thanks to the uniqueness of the IMEI number that each phone has and the effort of carriers to prevent the usage of such device on any network.ย 

This lock is also known as the blacklisted IMEI lock, and it is fairly common to be mistaken with the Carrier Lock. We only encourage those users that got their IMEI blacklisted by mistake to use such services to unlock it. We do not condone the unlocking of stolen property or anything related with that.

SIM Card Unlock

The SIM Lock is a type of lock that is related with your physical Sim Card rather than the provider itself. When you acquire any Sim Card, this has a PIN and a PUK that needs to be entered to use the services of the provider. This was created as a way to prevent the usage of a number without the consent of the owner. This lock can usually be fixed by any carrier around the world as long as you can prove that you are the registered owner.

FRP Unlock

The FRP Lock, a security based lock created by Android (Typically with Samsung) to prevent the access to any device that has been reset by force. This means that if your phone gets stolen and the other party tries to reset it, they will need to enter the account linked to the device.ย 

We know that it is sometimes very easy to simply forget the details that you used to set up your device, therefore, such services are quite common. This can also happen if you try to root your device or if an update did not go as plan and the phone enter into a safe mode.ย 

iCloud Lock

The iCloud Activation Lock is also a security feature developed by Apple which fully prevents the usage of an iOS device if the phone is set as lost on the iCloud Account. This lock is highly advanced and their unlocking can only be performed by trusted services. We do recommend doing an extensive research to find the right unlock service to unlock this issue safely, feel free to check out our services if you want to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod from the iCloud Lock.ย 

What to look for in a phone unlocking service?

Now that we have talked about the types of locks that exist, we need to talk about the different services that are available. We will give you some factors that you need to consider before using any service and use the one that better suit your needs with the respective research. On our website, you can find in-depth reviews of multiple services by simply searching on the menu.


The first and most important things to consider when using any unlock service is how their process work. From our own experience, we suggest staying away from any unlocking process that requires downloading and installing anything on your phone or computer.

Be aware that some of those software services may contain harmful malware or simply might change important settings on your phone. Modifying anything on your device will void the warranty on your phone or could be become a potential data breach on your device.


As any service, it is crucial to check out their reputation. Nowadays, it is very common to find reviews from users all across the web. We invite you to do your own research and find more information about the service that you wish to use.ย 

Delivery time

Another key factor to consider is how long the unlocking takes. This will depend on how long you want to wait and all the policies that involve the process. Make sure to read the small letter to prevent any delays on the process, this goes for any service that you use.

For the most part, you can unlock your phone yourself. This will all depend on the type of unlock service that you use. If you use a trusted cloud service such as UnlockHere, it is almost certain that you will be able to unlock the phone yourself.ย 

Depends, there are certain policies that apply when getting an unlock code from your provider. Check out your local laws to know if you are able to do so. If you are unable to do it directly with your carrier, feel free to use a third party that can do it for you.

There is no magic code to unlock your device. If you wish to remove the lock of your device, you will then need to generate an unlock request that needs to be granted before you can use your phone.

Depends on to unlock App or service that you want to use. Most services can be pricy as some offer premium features. It can range from $1 as of the case of UnlockHere to hundreds of dollars from overpriced shops.

They do work, however, you need to be really careful as not all of them work, and you might end up with a bypass rather than a full unlock. Make sure to do a full research to understand what each iCloud Unlock service does, so you can avoid making any mistakes.

Most of are legit, especially those that meet all the criteria of reputation and methodology. However, be aware of using any kind of service, as some are just a waste of time with endless surveys or things like that.

For the most part, all carriers use the same technology around the world. This means that whether you have and AT&T, Orange, Vodafone, you will be able to unlock it without any issues.

As we have discussed before, there are many services out there and many operate freely under their own terms and conditions. This means, that there are services that will have a refund policy, as well s there are others which will not. Make sure to read all terms and conditions before using any service to make sure that you are using the right service.