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Want to know more about the Carrier Unlock?

Are you facing the locked to owner message on your iOS Device? If you want to know all about how to remove activation lock without previous owner information, keep reading, as we will tell you all about this issue and much more. Before proceeding with your unlocking process, please take the time to read this guide to understand more about this issue, its implications and how to โ€œbypassโ€ this issue in only a matter of minutes.

What is the carrier lock?

The locked to owner message is a security feature that was implemented as a way to crack down on iOS devices being stolen. Even though, this measure has been quite successful, it has some flaws. For the most part, the unawareness of a great part of users, leave that some are not able to fully reset the device while selling it. Leaving it with the lock, as a result the new owner won’t be able to use it unless it has the previous owner Apple ID and Password.

Is it the same as the activation lock?

It is, the activation lock, find my iPhone and some many other terms, refer to the same issue of not being able to access the device. This message seems to vary when there is a new update, but the essence it is exactly the same. It is important to note that this problem can affect all iOS devices, as iCloud can store the information in their database to protect the privacy and data of the original owner. This message will only show up if the device had iCloud set up and the user has not deactivated any security feature that can compromise this lock.

How Can I check if I have the activation lock on my iOS device?

Checking for this issue can be as easy as turning on the device and finding the locked to owner message on it. There is not much talk about how to check for the issue. However, it is significant to understand where the issue comes from, as not all the unlocking methods are the same. Please check out our resources before you jump to any conclusion, this will save you time and will make the process a lot easier.

What are the reasons behind the iCloud activation lock?

The main reason behind the locked to owner message has to do with phone’s with a dubious origin. We will skip that part, as our main purpose it’s to help those legitimate users who simply want to resolve this issue. Remember that each case might be unique, we have only focused on the most repeated scenarios:

  • You bought a phone and the owner didn’t remove its data
  • You haven’t used the phone in a while
  • You created a random account, and you had to reset the phone


If one of those it’s your case, we got the answer that you need to unlock it today. Please use this information to remove the iCloud lock only if you are the original owner, or you have the rights to use the device. We are fully aware of this problem and our only goal it’s to help those users in need of their iOS device.

Is it safe to Bypass iCloud Activation lock?

We do not recommend to DNS bypass or use any type of method that bypasses the locked to owner screen. The main reason behind that most of them might require software that may contain malware and can put your data at risk. On the other hand, most of the bypassing tools that promise to remove the locked to owner message, will only get you access to limited features of the phone. This can also damage the device and might no longer be eligible for unlocking. This will of course depend on the method you decide to use to fix iPhone locked to owner message.

How can you remove the iPhone locked to owner message?

To remove iPhone locked to owner message, you need to be careful as it is crucial that depending on your situation you choose the right one. We will briefly talk about the real unlocking options you have to correctly do the activation lock removal on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch). None of them will include any iCloud DNS bypass as our goal it’s to give you real solution from trustworthy sources.

Contact the previous owner

If you bought a device off any online marketplace, we recommend you to get in contact with the previous owner to request the unlocking of the device. This will likely require you to meet in person, as most people will not agree to give out their Apple IDย  Password to a stranger. This is easier said than done, but there is a high success rate, as many iOS users are simply unaware on how to fully reset an Apple Device. Also, in many cases, the user it’s simply unaware of this and its only intention was to sell the device without causing any damage to the other party.

Contact Apple Directly

If you are the original owner, you can go directly to an Apple Store, remember that it has to be the original store, and it cannot be a reseller. If you have the option to go to the store, you may require an unlocking directly by Apple. This can only be done if you are the original owner of the device, and you have proof of purchase as well as your iCloud account matches your personal information. If you have this first requirement met, then all you need to do to request the unlocking and fill out the paperwork. Remember that you will be asked for your ID and any attempt to provide false information can result in legal consequences that will vary depending on your region.

Use a third-party platform

The safest and probably the easiest way, it’s to use a third-party platform that can do the process for you. It is hard to find the right tool to use. Many of them simply do not work and will put your information at risk with unknown downloads, the installation of apps on your phone and much more. Our team of developers, have created an AI powered tool that can take care of your unlocking completely Online. Below you will find a small guide on how to use the service, don’t worry, it is very simple to follow and use.

Remove iCloud activation lock without software

With the fast-growing development of AI tools, Nifty has created an open source service that it’s free to use that allow users to solve all kind of mobile phone issues. When it comes to the iCloud lock, we can easily remove it fully Online and remotely, this means that you won’t have to contact Apple support or the previous owner. Also, you are not required to download any type of software or set up your iPhone in any specific way. Pay attention to the following guide, as reading it and understanding it will result in a faster unlock.ย 

Use the Wizard

To begin with, please access Nifty’s wizard, this tool had been made to make the unlocking process available for all users. This means that you are not require to have any previous knowledge about iOS devices or computers. Make sure that you access the “Remove Activation Lock” feature that will land on the wizard. Select the device you want to unlock to activate the right service for you and hit on the โ€œnextโ€ button.

Complete the information

Once you are in the tool, please provide Nifty with your IMEI number, this allows us to identify your device and go to the root of the problem to create an unlocking request. If you are unsure on how to obtain your IMEI, press the sleep button on your phone, wake the device and press on the “i” icon on the right bottom side of your screen. There will be a mini tutorial available to you when you get to this step, there is nothing to worry about.

Let us notify you

Now that we have identified your device, we will need to contact you to do a follow-up with the process, so make sure to enter the right contact information. For the most part, you will only receive a confirmation email where you will only need to confirm your unlocking process. Please follow the instructions on the email, it is important that you do this, as we will need confirmation from your side to proceed with the unlocking process of your phone.ย 

Unlock your device

Once you have activated your unlock request, all you need to do it’s to go back to your activation lock screen and wait for the phone to be unlocked. This will be done remotely, and you do not have to enter anything on the device. Once it’s unlocked, we recommend you to do a full reset of the device and enter a new Apple ID and set it up as you wish.

What makes UnlockHere different to other services?

With hundreds of services around the web, it is easy to use the first one we see, this is a common mistake as it is crucial to understand how the process it’s made. At UnlockHere, we worry about our users, that’s why we have created the first fully remote unlocking service that avoids entering random data on your phone, downloading things and so on. This tool is also made for each model, and it’s kept up to date with the latest updates from Apple.

Unlock your iPhone without Apple ID and Password

Although some reputable sites are able to safely unlock your iOS device by providing customs ID’s, we are well aware that this is not the best way. To provide an easy and smooth unlocking experience, Nifty have developed a tool that remotely unlocks your iOS with no added steps. Remove the locked to owner without Apple ID, random ID’s with a free and new iCloud lock removing platform.

If you are facing this issue, the fastest and easiest solution it’s do use Nifty’s iCloud lock removing platform. This can be done completely online without any knowledge on phones, computer, etc. Alternately, you can contact the previous owner or directly contact Apple and attempt to unlock it with them, this can be tedious and complicated for the most part.

Yes, if you use the right tool such as Nifty you will be able to use your iOS device in a matter of minutes. Remember that using the right tool will guarantee your safety and ensure that the unlocking process it’s permanent and does not compromise any of your personal data in the future.

At UnlockHere.com we know how the iOS devices can greatly impact the way the unlocks are made, that’s why our team it’s always working around the clock to keep up to date even with the smallest changes. As this process, it’s completely Online, you are not required to run updates or do anything other than opening the platform and enjoy using our services.

Compared to bypass methods that can lock your device at any given moment, our unlocks are permanent as it fully removes the previous data on the device. If you have any problem, you are always welcome to contact our support team who will issue a ticket and go to the bottom of the problem.

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