Network Unlock Boost Mobile Phone for Free in 3 Easy Steps!

Did you know that Boost Mobile phones come locked to the carrier’s network? Well, this can be a serious issue if you ever need to switch to another carrier and don’t meet Boost’s unlock conditions. If that’s your case, check out this easy guide where we’ll guide you through the process to unlock Boost Mobile Phone using UnlockHere‘s innovative, free, fast, and safe unlocking service!

Reasons why you Should Unlock your Boost Mobile Phone 

Reasons why you Should Unlock your Boost Mobile Phoneย 
Reasons why you Should Unlock your Boost Mobile Phone 

Unlocking your Boost Mobile phone offers a range of compelling benefits that can enhance your mobile experience and provide you with greater freedom and flexibility. Let’s check some of the main reasons why you should consider unlocking your Boost Mobile device rather sooner than later:

Gain Back the Freedom to Switch Carriers!

Unlocking your Boost Mobile phone enables you to break free from carrier restrictions and choose the mobile service provider that best suits your needs. Whether it’s a more competitive pricing plan, better coverage, or additional features, an unlocked phone empowers you to select the carrier that aligns with your preferences.

Use your Phone Worldwide without any Limitations!

An unlocked Boost Mobile phone allows you to easily switch to a local SIM card when traveling internationally and use that service temporarily (you can even keep the SIM if you are planning to come back there). This can save you significant roaming charges and ensures you stay connected without hassle while abroad!

Unlocked Phones have Higher Resell Value!

Unlocking your phone can increase its resale value. If you ever decide to upgrade to a new device and resell your phone, unlocking it will not only make it easier for you to find buyers but also help you get a little more revenue (because locked phones are not worth the same as the unlocked ones).

Fix your Phone without meeting the Network Unlocking Policy for Boost Customers!

Fix your Phone without meeting the Network Unlocking Policy for Boost Customers!
Fix your Phone without meeting the Network Unlocking Policy for Boost Customers!

To unlock a phone, carriers like Boost Mobile impose various requirements and conditions, such as minimum stay periods of at least 12 months or contract fulfillment. In fact, if you contact Boost Mobile customer service to fix your network-locked device, they’ll ask you to meet different policies depending on the type of contract, and that’s only if you are the original owner of the phone because if you bought a second-hand device that came locked, they won’t help at all.

Why is it so Complicated for Boost Mobile Customers to Unlock their Phones?

Boost Mobile’s unlocking process is very complicated because of the amount of terms and conditions you need to meet before they provide you with your Boost Mobile unlock code. These stipulations aim to safeguard their business interests because they are the only ones who benefit from you not being able to switch carriers (the lock is designed to retain customers on their network). 

This is precisely why UnlockHere aims to offer you an unlocking solution that functions effectively, even if your Boost Mobile device doesn’t meet the carrier’s unlocking criteria. Continue reading to learn how we can easily resolve this issue within minutes on your behalf!

Can I unlock my Phone from the Boost Mobile Network Myself?

Thanks to UnlockHere‘s innovative AI-powered system, it is now possible for users to SIM unlock phones themselves. If you already tried calling Boost Mobile but they didn’t help you fix your device, then you are more than welcome to use our unlock platform and fix it yourself in no time and 100% for free!  

Unlock Boost Mobile Phone for Free in 3 Easy Steps!

Unlock Boost Mobile Phone for Free in 3 Easy Steps!
Unlock Boost Mobile Phone for Free in 3 Easy Steps!

Removing the SIM lock from your Boost cell phone is actually very easy because the whole process is automated thanks to our AI-powered phone unlocking assistant. Before starting the process, remember you’ll need to get the phone’s IMEI number beforehand so that the device is unlocked effectively (because we need to create an unlock code compatible with it). Here’s how to unlock your phone from the Boost network restriction:

Place the Unlock Request

Visit and go to the “Carrier Unlock” section. Once you’re there, you’ll be asked to select the brand of your phone and enter its IMEI code, which is an important part of the SIM unlock process, so please make sure you’re entering the right number. Then, enter your name and email address, and send us your request by clicking where it says “Start Process”.

Confirm the Order via Email

Nifty, our AI-powered assistant, will send you a confirmation email informing you that we’ve received the request and asking you to please confirm the unlock order. Open the link on the email to confirm the order and follow the instructions to complete the process. Wait for a couple of minutes while our program processes the order and sends the corresponding unlock code to your email.

Enter the Unlock Code into the Phone

Insert a SIM card from a carrier different from Boost Mobile and AT&T (it can be Vodafone, Cricket Wireless, or any other that is not associated with Boost Mobile). Your phone will prompt you to enter an unlock code which is the one our system sent to your email, and that’s it! You might need to restart the phone but at this point, the phone will already be unlocked.

How Long does it take to SIM unlock a Boost Mobile Phone?

How Long does it take to SIM unlock a Boost Mobile Phone?
How Long does it take to SIM unlock a Boost Mobile Phone?

Network unlocking your device with UnlockHere is not only very easy but also incredibly fast! It usually takes about 5 minutes to submit the unlock request and then the actual delivery of the unlock code typically occurs within 10 to 15 minutes.

In some cases, it may take a couple of hours, depending on the volume of orders being processed by our system at the time; anyway, it is still way faster than unlocking the phone with Boost customer service because they can take from 3 business days to two weeks, so we are definitely the best alternative.

Is it Safe to Unlock Boost Mobile Phone with UnlockHere?

Sure! It is completely safe to remove the network lock from a Boost phone through our online service. Your personal information is securely stored during the unlocking process, protected via SSL certificates, and deleted automatically from our servers once the procedure is completed, ensuring your privacy and protection throughout the unlock process.

In addition, our unlock process is 100% remote and online. You don’t really need to send the phone to any location or download/install any programs on your phone or PC, which eliminates the risk of malware or viruses that may pose security risks and consume storage space on your device. Get started now!