IMEI Unlock Xiaomi Phone: Top 3 Unblacklisting Methods Here!

There are various unlocking options available for people that want their IMEI to be removed from the blacklist, where UnlockHere stands as the best blacklist removal alternative. Let’s check together the top 3 blacklist removal methods to IMEI unlock Xiaomi Phones and why we’re the #1!

IMEI Check Services: Confirm the Lock Status before starting the Xiaomi Unlock!

IMEI Check Services: Confirm the Lock Status before starting the Xiaomi Unlock!
IMEI Check Services: Confirm the Lock Status before starting the Xiaomi Unlock!

Before we get started, you must make sure you’re truly dealing with a blacklist report and that we’re not talking about another type of lock or a technical malfunction. The great news is that there are pages online for this called IMEI checkers, which you can use to confirm whether your Xiaomi cell phone is reported or not. So, before continuing, click here to visit the CTIA’sย Stolen Phone Checker platform and consult your IMEI’s status on the blacklist database with them.

Can my Xiaomi’s IMEI be Mistakenly reported?

Yes, unfortunately, there are many cases in which people can unfairly end up with a locked phone because anyway, as with other preventive measures, this blacklisting strategy has its errors from time to time. Here are the two main scenarios where unjust blacklisted IMEIs are seen:

  • Incorrect or incomplete reporting: While efforts are made to maintain accurate and up-to-date information in the IMEI blacklist, there may be instances where incorrect or incomplete reports are entered, and mistakenly blacklisting a legitimate phone or failing to update the status of a stolen phone results in inconsistencies.
  • Blacklisted second-hand phones: It is pretty common for people to buy a second-hand Nokia device without noticing its previous owner reported it stolen or lost before reselling it (people get compensated and can get some insurance money while getting paid for selling the phone).

1st Method to IMEI Unlock Xiaomi Phones: Directly with your Carrier!

IMEI Unlock Xiaomi
IMEI Unlock Xiaomi

Unlocking a blacklisted phone can be a complex process as it involves multiple factors and considerations because, anyway, this is a very delicate matter. However, it doesn’t really matter if the phone was reported mistakenly or not, the important thing is to see how to unlock it.

The official way to proceed with it is by contacting your original carrier (like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.) because they have control over the network reports they make and can determine whether or not to remove your phone’s blacklist status. However, it is very complicated because each carrier has its own policies and procedures in place, and they may not offer assistance in unlocking your Xiaomi MI device if you don’t meet their specific terms and conditions.

What to Consider when Unblacklisting your IMEI with the Carrier

  • Ownership verification: Be prepared to provide proof of ownership for the device, if it is a second-hand phone they won’t help you.ย 
  • Reason for blacklisting: Understand the reason why the phone was blacklisted and be ready to dispute the carrier’s allegations.ย 
  • Carrier policies and procedures: Familiarize yourself with your carrier’s policies and procedures regarding blacklisted devices and unlocking.ย 
  • Alternatives and limitations: Be aware that fixing a blacklisted phone is not always possible and that your carrier has strict policies, so it’s better to also look for other options.

2nd Method to IMEI Unlock Xiaomi Phones: Is Rooting the Phone a Good Idea?

IMEI Unlock Xiaomi
IMEI Unlock Xiaomi

Rooting refers to the process of removing software restrictions imposed by Android in AndroidOS handsets. It allows users to gain access to the device’s file system and install unauthorized apps or modifications, which is not really recommended because phones are not meant to support these kinds of modifications.

However, this procedure does not change the blacklist status of a device because the IMEI blacklist is a record maintained remotely by the carrier or regulatory authorities, so what you need to do is eliminate the report itself, not make risky software modifications on your device.

How can Rooting affect a Xiaomi Mobile Phone?

  • Rooting removes many of the built-in security measures put in place by Android and Xiaomi.
  • Rooting will make your mobile device vulnerable to cyberattacks and malware infections.
  • Rooting leads to instability and performance issues on your device, and will probably cause permanent damage if done incorrectly.
  • Rooting your smartphone voids its warranty with Xiaomi, so if you encounter any hardware or software issues, they will refuse to provide support or repair services.
  • If you decide to un-root your phone or update to a newer AndroidOS version, the process can be potentially risky and you’ll probably end up completely damaging its system.

3rd Method to Unlock Xiaomi Devices: UnlockHere’s Lock Removal Service!

UnlockHere's Lock Removal Service!
UnlockHere’s Lock Removal Service!

If your iPhone got blacklisted because it was reported lost or stolen, but you are not the device’s original owner because you bought a second-hand device, then UnlockHere’s unblacklisting tool is for you. Our phone unlocking service doesn’t root your device, doesn’t change the phone’s IMEI number, and successfully eliminates the report made by your carrier on the blacklist database.

What we offer you is a 100% remote alternative to unlock Xiaomi phones online without any types of unlock codes, APK files, or weird procedures involved. All we do is permanently disable the lock on your device and also, eliminate the report made by your carrier from the blacklist database so that they are unable to blacklist it again.

How long does Unlocking a Xiaomi Mi Phone take?

In UnlockHere, we don’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes of your time to complete the process, so don’t worry about having to wait for weeks for the report to be removed because we do it immediately. This is one of the advantages of unlocking your Xiaomi device with us, and the best part is that you only need the IMEI number of the locked device for us to start the unlocking process.

Why is UnlockHere’s Unlock Service the Best IMEI-Lock Removal Option Online?

Why is UnlockHere's Unlock Service the Best IMEI-Lock Removal Option Online?
Why is UnlockHere’s Unlock Service the Best IMEI-Lock Removal Option Online?

In UnlockHere, we are recognized as one of the best alternatives to get rid of a blacklist report online thanks to our safe, effective, simple, and quick AI-powered service. All you need in order to unlock your Xiaomi handset with us is to click here and fill out the form on the page with the brand of the phone, its IMEI, your name, and an email to which you have access.

If you don’t know where to find your IMEI, simply dial *# 06 # on your phone’s keypad for the number to pop up on your screen or look it up on the device settings, right where it says “about phone”. If you’re ready, start the process and wait for Nifty, our AI-powered unlock assistant, to give you all the instructions on how to successfully complete the process and remove the lock interfering with your phone’s connectivity.

Is this Unlocking Method safe to use?

It sure is, we have made sure to implement different safety layers in our platform and have taken various safety measures to protect all our users. These include free SSL certificates that encrypt all the information you enter into our website, which we implemented so that everything is encoded. Also, you can rest assured that our AI-powered unlock assistant is designed to completely eliminate all your data as soon as the process is finished, and that everything is remote so we never get actual access to your mobile device.