Learn Here how to Unlock Aldi Mobile Phones to any Network!

Want to start using your phone with any network and/or service provider without restrictions? Well, UnlockHere has just launched the perfect solution to unlock Aldi Mobile phones locked to the Telstra network in no time, so keep reading and get your device fixed today for free!

What is the Carrier Lock on Mobile Phones all About?

What is the Carrier Lock on Mobile Phones all About?
What is the Carrier Lock on Mobile Phones all About?

The carrier or network lock on prepaid and postpaid mobile devices is a connectivity restriction that ties your phone to a specific network. This lock can be activated when you purchase or register a brand new phone with a specific carrier, so if for example, you bought a mobile device and registered it with Aldi Mobile, it’ll get locked to the Telstra network (because that’s the network that Aldi Mobile uses).

Can I use a Locked Telstra Phone with Aldi Mobile?

As Aldi Mobile uses Telstra’s network, a locked Telstra device should work normally with an Aldi Mobile SIM card. However, it has happened to a lot of users that when their device is locked to Telstra, the phone doesn’t work with any other service at all, so the best thing to do is always to just unlock the device so that you have the freedom to use it with any network provider you want.

Can my Phone get locked to Aldi Mobile if I use their Network?

If your mobile device is brand new and you’re registering it for the first time, yes, AldiMobile can definitely lock your device. However, this is not a pretty common scenario because this specific carrier doesn’t sell mobile phones, so just to make sure you’re in fact dealing with a carrier lock, it’ll be a good idea to contact Aldi Mobile directly and confirm with them.

If my Phone is not Locked to another Provider, why can’t I use my Aldi Mobile SIM Card?

Is your Phone SIM-Locked or IMEI-Locked?
Is your Phone SIM-Locked or IMEI-Locked?

If you bought a phone with another network provider and want to start using the AldiMobile service but the mobile device is unable to get connected to this network, and you already confirmed that the phone is definitely not carrier-locked, then you might be dealing with an IMEI lock. If this is the case, that means your phone is locked to all carriers in general and won’t read your AldiMobile SIM until you remove your phone’s IMEI report from the blacklist database.

What happens to a Phone when it’s Reported on the Blacklist Database?

When a phone is reported to the IMEI blacklist database, it is forbidden from getting connected to any network provider and any carrier. This means that even if you network-unlock your device and insert a new SIM with an active mobile plan, it will not be able to place or receive calls, use mobile data, send or receive messages, and in general, won’t be able to perform its cellular functions as normal.

Can this Connectivity issue be fixed with my SIM PIN/PUK Codes?

Even though this can be a little confusing, your SIM PIN and PUK codes have nothing to do with this issue. A lot of people think these codes are associated with this because there is another type of lock that can also make a device unable to read a SIM card, which is called the SIM PIN lock. However, in that specific case, it is the SIM card the one that is locked, not the phone, and doesn’t affect the device’s cellular bands or connectivity features at all, so no, this issue cannot be fixed with the PIN/PUK codes.

How can I Unlock Aldi Mobile Phone and/or Remove its Blacklist Report?

How can I Unlock Aldi Mobile Phone and/or Remove its Blacklist Report?
How can I Unlock Aldi Mobile Phone and/or Remove its Blacklist Report?

If you’re 100% sure that the problem is not that you have a phone locked to Telstra but that the phone’s IMEI is blacklisted, you can contact the mobile provider and ask them to unlock your phone, but that’ll take a lot of time, paperwork, and patience because you have to prove that there is no valid reason for the phone to be reported. On the other hand, UnlockHere offers a service for users to unlock Aldi Mobile phones that have been blacklisted 100% free of charge, and with us, there are no conditions or documentation required.

How can I Verify the Blacklist Status of my Phone’s IMEI?

Verifying the status of your mobile phone is very easy! All you have to do is visit an online IMEI checker like IMEI.info or IMEICheck.com and enter the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number of the locked device there. The only disadvantage of this option is that the information on online IMEI checkers is not updated regularly as one would wish, so if you prefer, there’s always the option of contacting the carrier directly to ask them. 

How can I contact UnlockHere if I need help Unlocking my Handset?

Our Team is Available for you 24/7!
Our Team is Available for our users 24/7!

All you need to do to unlock your phone with us is to go to the carrier lock removal or blacklist removal sections depending on the type of unlock you need, it’s all very intuitive and the instructions are very easy-to-follow, so people normally don’t have any problem processing the unlock themselves. However, if you encounter any kind of technical issue or have any questions regarding our service, you can always let us know by clicking on the option that says contact us —you’ll see it on the menu bar at the top of this page—.

Is it Safe to use UnlockHere’s Services?

It sure is! With UnlockHere’s network unlock service, you can rest assured you won’t risk your mobile device to any malware infection because you’re never asked to download or install anything on the phone. In addition, as soon as you unlock the phone, all the information entered on our website is automatically deleted for privacy protection purposes, which makes us one of the safest unlock alternatives on the internet.

After the Process, will I be able to use a New SIM Card on my Phone?

Yes, right after you get your phone unlocked with us, no matter if we’re talking about the carrier lock or the IMEI lock, you’ll be able to use different networks on the device without any restriction. Rest assured that we offer complete and permanent unlocks, and that our platform is equally effective on any device regardless of its brand and model, so it doesn’t really matter if you have a Samsung Galaxy, an Apple device, or any other kind of cellular handset, we can get is completely unlocked in minutes.