#1 Guide to Unlock Dodo Phones: Easy, Fast, and Free Method!

If you were looking to shift your phone from Dodo to another provider or vice versa, and found out the device is not working with the new SIM, then there is a high chance the phone is either SIM-locked or IMEI-locked. However, you have nothing to worry about as in this easy guide we’ll tell you everything there is to know about these locks and how to unlock Dodo phones in minutes, so keep reading and get your device fixed today!

What is the SIM Lock on Mobile Phones? Is it Permanent?

What is the SIM Lock on Mobile Phones? Is it Permanent?
What is the SIM Lock on Mobile Phones?

The SIM or network lock is a type of restriction enabled by carriers on some mobile devices that ties them to a single network, which is normally the network of the carrier locking the device. Mobile operators can activate this lock on the phones they sell and on the phones that have been registered with them, but anyway, there have been cases in which phones get locked only for activating a SIM on them.

Does this Lock refer to the same as a SIM PIN Lock?

Not at all, the network lock and the SIM PIN lock are completely different, yet confused very often. While the network lock restricts the cellular bands of the handset to operate with only one network, the SIM PIN lock restricts a SIM card from being used on the phone without entering its corresponding code. People normally confuse both locks because they both can prevent you from accessing a network, but you can differentiate them easily because, on the one hand, the carrier lock is enabled on the device, and on the other hand, the SIM PIN lock is enabled on your Dodo SIM card.

Can a Phone used with a Dodo Mobile Plan get Locked to that Network?

Well, not really because for a carrier to lock a device it has to have been sold by them, and as Dodo doesn’t sell mobile devices, they can’t lock phones. However, what they can do is blacklist mobile phones that are being used with their network, so if you’re experiencing connectivity issues on your phone, you should check that out and discard an IMEI lock on your phone.

Why is my Smartphone having Network Connectivity issues if it’s not carrier-locked?

Is my Phone Carrier-Locked or IMEI-Locked?
Is my Phone Carrier-Locked or IMEI-Locked?

As we were saying, a phone that is having connectivity issues is probably blacklisted. You can differentiate the SIM lock from the blacklist lock because while SIM or carrier-locked devices can still work with their original carrier, blacklisted devices are completely forbidden from getting connected to any network provider.

Why would my Phone be Reported on the Blacklist Database?

There are many reasons why a phone can be blacklisted. For example, postpaid phones that were not paid for on time normally get reported on the blacklist database, but as Dodo doesn’t offer financed devices on installment plans, then that’s probably not the case. Other reasons why phones can get blacklisted include that:

  • The device was reported as lost or stolen.
  • The device is associated in any way with illegal activity.
  • The device is associated with fraudulent activity.
  • The device is under a fraud investigation.

How can I confirm if my Device is Blacklisted or if I’m just having issues with my Mobile SIM?

Well, there is the possibility that the phone is simply having connectivity issues or that you’re not properly inserting your new SIM card. So, just to make sure, you can simply use an online IMEI checker, where you’ll receive a full report on your device’s status including information about whether the phone is IMEI-locked or SIM-Locked, and all for free.

Reasons why UnlockHere is the Best Alternative to Unlock your Phone

Reasons why UnlockHere is the Best Alternative to Unlock your Phone
Reasons why UnlockHere is the Best Alternative to Unlock your Phone

Whether you need to network unlock your phone from Dodo (or to use it with Dodo) or need to get rid of a blacklist report, UnlockHere is undoubtedly the best external alternative you have. Of course, there’s always the option of contacting the carrier, but these companies normally charge unlock fees and put lots of requirements and conditions to remove any lock (even more if we’re talking about an IMEI lock). 

UnlockHere on the other hand, offers an unlock service equally effective as your carrier’s method but that doesn’t require you to meet any terms. Aside from that, UnlockHere’s platform is also faster than a normal unlock with a network provider, offers an easier and more practical solution, and is completely safe to use!

UnlockHere offers an innovative AI-Powered Unlock Method 100% for Free!

In UnlockHere we don’t require our users to jailbreak or root their phones to complete the process, in fact, our system works 100% online from our remote servers where our AI-powered unlock assistant, Nifty, processes the requests. In addition, you can rest assured you won’t need to download or install anything on your computer or locked device because this is the least invasive unlock method on the internet, and all without any charge.

Is there any problem if the Phone I want to Unlock is Second-Hand

Not at all, in UnlockHere we understand that most users looking for an external method to unlock a phone are all those who bought the device from a second-hand store or a reseller, and all without noticing the handset was locked. So, you don’t have anything to worry about because with us you’ll get to permanently unlock your mobile phone without a problem.

Steps to Unlock Dodo Phones in 5 Minutes and Only with its IMEI Number

Steps to Unlock Dodo Phones
Steps to Unlock Dodo Phones

Restoring your phone to its factory connectivity settings for it to start working with any mobile provider like Vodafone, Telstra, or any other, is not only possible but also very easy! All you have to do to get your phone unlocked easily and for free with us is to follow these steps:

Is UnlockHere’s Service equally Effective on both iPhones and Android Devices?

UnlockHere’s AI-powered service will work perfectly fine no matter if you need to unlock a Samsung, an iPhone, or any other kind of device. You can rest assured our unlock platform counts on a 99.9% success rate regardless of the phone’s specific brand, model, operating system, or whether it’s on a postpaid or prepaid plan. 

Is there a problem if I have a Locked Phone from Vodafone or another Carrier?

No, it doesn’t really matter if your phone is locked to a different network provider or if you bought your phone in Australia or overseas. With UnlockHere, your phone will be unlocked permanently in a matter of minutes, and you’ll be able to send/receive calls and texts, and use mobile data, all just as normal!