Boost Mobile Unlock Policy: Criteria and Unlock Alternatives

If you are interested in unlocking your device from Boost Mobile so that you can switch carriers freely and without any restrictions, you have come to the right place. As you might know, you must meet some basic requirements (so that Boost Mobile authorizes your request), which appear on the Boost Mobile unlock policy and are going to be explained in detail here. Keep reading to learn with us all there is to know about removing the SIM lock from wireless devices and say goodbye to carrier restrictions!

Why do Boost Mobile Phones come Locked to Other Network Providers? 

Why do Boost Mobile Phones come Locked to Other Network Providers? 
Why do Boost Mobile Phones come Locked to Other Network Providers? 

Smartphones sold by this carrier come with a network restriction to guarantee users can only use Boost’s services at least for a certain period, which helps them to keep their customers from switching to other carriers. This is a very common lock among all carriers in the US and other countries, there are some in which it’s forbidden like in Canada or the UK, but it’s not like Boost mobile is the only one locking the smartphones they sell.

So, what happens if I insert a SIM Card from another Carrier into a Locked Boost Phone?

If you remove the Boost chip and enter a different one from a different provider (like Verizon, for example), the device will show an error message on your screen and will not get connected to the new network. This is because your phone’s cellular bands are closed and can only syntonize or operate with Boost’s network, which means that the only way for you to freely use SIM cards from other companies is to unlock the device.

How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone [EXPLAINED]

Well, what you have to do to unlock your phone is to contact Boost’s customer care department by calling the following number 833-50-BOOST (833-502-6678), and let the representative know you’re trying to place an unlock request. However, keep in mind that submitting your request doesn’t mean they’ll automatically approve it. In fact, you’ll need to meet the criteria specified in the Boost Mobile Unlock Policy.

In the following section, we’ll leave a detailed guide on the specific requirements and conditions Boost Mobile customers need to meet for their request to be approved. But anyway, remember that if this option doesn’t work or they don’t give you the light green for the unlock, you can always use UnlockHere’s AI-powered SIM-unlocking service.

Boost Mobile Unlock Policy: Are you Eligible or Ineligible for the Unlock?

Boost Mobile Unlock Policy: Are you Eligible or Ineligible for the Unlock?
Boost Mobile Unlock Policy

There are different terms and conditions applicable for every Boost customer depending on the type of plan they manage; for example, it’s going to be different if you have a prepaid device than if you have a postpaid one. However, some basic requirements apply to all users needing to unlock their phones, so let’s see together the principal ones you’ll undoubtedly have to meet.

You must have met Boost Mobile’s Minimum Period of Active Service!

A user can only proceed with the unlock if their device has been active on Boost’s network for at least 12 months. The timeframes can change depending on your plan type and whether your phone was financed on monthly statements, but in general, you have to meet the period specified in your contract’s terms.

Your Smartphone cannot be Flagged as Lost or Stolen!

Your Smartphone cannot be Flagged as Lost or Stolen!

Your phone cannot be reported on the IMEI blacklist database, no matter if we’re talking about a lost/stolen, fraud, or unpaid report: your device’s IMEI number must not appear as reported/blacklisted! If you’re unsure about your smartphone’s status, you can always use the CTIA’s stolen phone checker, which is the official platform in the U.S. to check this information only with the phone’s IMEI/ESN number.

You must be in Good Standing with Boost!

As soon as you contact a Boost Mobile service representative to unlock your device, they’ll ask for your account number and check the account status, and you cannot be on bad terms with them. In addition, it is fair to mention that you must be the original owner of the phone locked to Boost, and if it was financed on an installment plan, it has to be fully paid for.

Is there any way to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone without waiting for 12 Months?

Is there any way to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone without waiting for 12 Months?
Boost Mobile Unlock Policy

Waiting for a whole year after activation seems like a lot, but unfortunately, you won’t receive your network unlock code if you don’t meet this policy. However, there are two exceptions, you can unlock phones before the required period if you either appear on your account as military personnel or use an external SIM-unlocking method.

What is the Boost Mobile Unlock Policy for U.S. Military Men and Women?

Military personnel deployed overseas have the possibility of SIM-unlocking their phones at any time without having to pay an early termination fee. If that’s your case, you just need to contact the Boost customer service and present your deployment papers. Two business days after that, they’ll remove the carrier lock and you’ll be able to use your phone with another carrier’s SIM card without restrictions!

Can I Unlock my Device from the Boost Mobile Network Myself?

In UnlockHere, we understand how complicated it can be to meet so many requirements and conditions, and even more when the policies are subject to change at Boost’s discretion without prior notice. That’s why we put ourselves on the task of launching the perfect tool that can help those who want to change to a different carrier but don’t meet Boost’s criteria, keep reading!

What is the Difference between the Boost Mobile Network Unlock and UnlockHere’s Process?

What is the Difference between the Boost Mobile Network Unlock and's Process?
Boost Mobile vs. UnlockHere’s Service

Well, the only difference to highlight between the process you complete directly with the carrier and the alternative we offer in, is that Boost’s method is the official one. We, on the other hand, are a third party that counts on an external AI-powered tool capable of replicating the official SIM-unlocking process. 

This doesn’t affect the unlocking results or effectivity of the carrier-unlock procedure anyhow; in fact, all you’ll notice is that we don’t have any requirements —AKA you don’t need to meet the Boost Mobile unlock policy—. This is possible because, as we said, we’re a third party, which means we’re not associated with Boost or any other provider, so we don’t need to adhere to their criteria or requirements (it’s easier while still effective and safe!).

Will I have to wait for the 12 Months to Unlock my Phone from the Boost Network?

Not at all, it doesn’t matter if you have met the minimum period of active service with the carrier or not, you can take advantage of UnlockHere’s unlock process at any time without a problem. In fact, we can do the job regardless of the specific brand and model of the phone in question or whether we’re talking about a second-hand device or not; in UnlockHere, we can always take care of the problem!

What are the Steps for a Boost Mobile Customer to use UnlockHere’s Services?

All you have to do is visit, go to the carrier lock removal section, and fill out the form on that page with the necessary order details, which include your name and email, along with the brand and IMEI of the locked device. Right after having placed your request and activated the order via email, you’ll simply have to follow the instructions that Nifty, our AI-powered unlock assistant, will give you.