IMEI Unlock iPhone 15 (Pro Max) | Safe, Easy, Fast, & Permanent

Unlocking a blacklisted IMEI may not be possible through official channels or carrier support because of all the requirements, conditions, and paperwork that mobile operators ask for them to clean the phone.ย However, thanks to UnlockHere’s AI-powered platform, you don’t have to struggle with this issue anymore! Let’s review some basics about reported phones and how to IMEI unlock iPhone 15 in a matter of minutes.

What does having a Blacklisted IMEI mean?

What does having a Blacklisted IMEI mean?
Understanding IMEI/Blacklist Reports

When a phone is reported on the IMEI/blacklist database, it means that the device has been flagged as lost or stolen, unpaid, or involved in fraudulent activities, which is usually shared among carriers to prevent the device from being activated or used on any network. This makes unlocking a phone with a blacklisted IMEI generally not possible through official means, as it is considered a security measure to deter theft and protect consumers.

Did you buy a Second-Hand iPhone without noticing it was Blacklisted?

It’s important to be cautious when buying used smartphones and thoroughly research the seller and the device’s status beforehand, and even more nowadays with the new Apple releases that have everyone looking for good iPhones for a discounted price. However, if you already purchased a second-hand device without realizing it was blacklisted or locked by the carrier, here’s what you can do:

  • Contact the phone’s original wireless provider and show them your receipt or another proof of purchase to see if they can help.
  • Reach out to the seller and explain the situation to see if the phone’s previous owner can help you remove its blacklist report.
  • Check out the return or refund policies of the platform or store where you purchased the phone.
  • Use a third-party lock removal service like UnlockHere to get rid of the blacklist report on your Apple device.

Is it Possible to IMEI Unlock iPhone 15 (Pro Max) directly with the Carrier?

IMEI Unlock iPhone 15
IMEI Unlock iPhone 15

Of course, you definitely can fix your blacklisted device directly with the network provider that submitted the report in the first place. However, you should keep in mind that they’ll take two or three weeks to process your unlock request and that you’ll need to meet a lot of requirements, not to mention that you will be asked to present a lot of documents including the iPhone’s proof of purchase.

Why do Carriers take so Much Time when Unlocking your Device?

Well, it’s necessary to keep in mind that unblacklisting a phone often involves coordination between various departments within the carrier. This includes customer service, fraud prevention, technical support, and network operations, and you know, calling network providers like AT&T or Verizon is already very time-consuming.

For carriers to ensure smooth integration and communication between these departments can be challenging, leading to potential delays or complications in the unblacklisting process, so be prepared to spend hours on the phone. So, it’s an overall better alternative to simply use external services like UnlockHere, as we won’t need to make so many verifications and validations to help you out.

UnlockHere: The #1 Third-Party Platform to IMEI Unlock iPhone 15 (Pro Max)ย 

IMEI Unlock iPhone 15
IMEI Unlock iPhone 15

If you are dealing with a blacklist report on your device’s IMEI number, the best alternative is to use UnlockHere’s AI-powered service. We have such great advantages for our users that make us one of the most recommended unlocking platforms on the internet like the fact that our services are 100% free. Also, the process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes, and we support all iOS devices including the iPhone 14 (Pro Max) and iPhone 15 (Pro Max), which are the newest references of the brand.

Is it Legal to Remove a Phone from the Blacklist?

Yes, it is completely legal to unblacklist your mobile device, what is illegal is to change the IMEI number of the locked device because it is part of the device’s factory details, which also goes against Apple’s TOS and will void your warranty. However, as UnlockHere doesn’t modify the existing IMEI number of the smartphone to unlock it, then it is completely legal and won’t affect its warranty at all.

Will I be able to use the Phone with Another Carrier after Unlocking it?

If your cellular device is locked to its carrier (not with an IMEI lock but with a SIM or Network lock), then you will only be able to use it with its original network provider as the phone won’t support a SIM card from another carrier. If that’s your case, you’ll need to network unlock the device from its current carrier, for example, T-Mobile; however, if your phone is not SIM-locked, then it’ll be able to use a different network without a problem.

Why is UnlockHere’s iPhone Unlocking Service the Best to fix Blacklisted Apple Devices?

Why is UnlockHere's iPhone Unlocking Service the Best to fix Blacklisted Apple Devices?
Why is UnlockHere’s iPhone Unlocking Service the Best to fix Blacklisted Apple Devices?

In UnlockHere we offer you the ultimate solution for mobile phones that have been reported on the IMEI/blacklist database; this is a free, safe, quick, and simple option compatible with all carriers and all phone models. This permanent unlock for iPhone 15 will not only remove the lock on the device itself but will also eliminate the report made by your carrier, which means that at the end of the process, there’ll be no record of that for other providers to deny access to their networks.

What do I need to get my Phone Permanently Unlocked? 

In UnlockHere, we won’t ask you to meet any conditions or provide any documentation at all; all we need are a couple of order details for Nifty, our AI-powered unlock assistant, to process the request. This doesn’t mean we’ll require delicate pieces of information like your Apple ID or the iPhone’s password, all we ask to unlock your phone is:

Steps to Unlock an iPhone using UnlockHere’s AI-Powered Service

Steps to Unlock an iPhone using UnlockHere's AI-Powered Service
Steps to Unlock an iPhone using UnlockHere’s AI-Powered Service

Fixing your mobile device with us is very simple, all you need to do is visit and go to our blacklist removal section. Then, we’ll ask you to select your phone brand and enter your IMEI number along with other details for you to submit your request to our unlocking company, activate your order via email, and start the process.

Nifty, our AI-powered unlock assistant, will give you the steps you need to follow to successfully unlock the phone, which will take from 10 to 15 minutes depending on how stable your internet connection is and the number of requests we’re processing at the moment. As soon as you finish, we recommend that you restart the phone to see if it works with your SIM card, and check the status of your IMEI on the CTIA’s Stolen Phone Checker platform to confirm your phone is not reported anymore.

Is this Online Service really Free of Charge?

Sure it is, with UnlockHere you don’t have to pay for any unlock fees at all because all our unlock services are 100% free regardless of the specific brand and model of the phone you need to fix. There are no hidden fees or monthly charges as other platforms have to keep your phone unlocked, so rest assured our AI-powered website permanently can unblacklist your iPhone once and for all without requesting any type of payment!