Dish Wireless Unlock Policy to Remove SIM Locks – Full Guide

If you’re struggling to find a safe, easy, and affordable solution to get rid of the lock restringing your device to Dish’s network, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain all there is to know about the Dish Wireless unlock policy and the alternatives you have if you don’t meet their criteria; keep reading!

What does it mean to Unlock a Phone from Dish Wireless?

What does it mean to Unlock a Phone from Dish Wireless?
What does it mean to SIM-Unlock a Device from its Carrier?

This is a common doubt among this carrier’s users because they don’t have any information on their official website regarding the lock or how to remove it. But just to give you a clear idea of what you’re dealing with, when we talk about unlocking a phone from Dish Wireless, it’s regarding the elimination of a lock that restricts your phone usage to that specific network.

This lock is known as the network lock or SIM lock, and it is automatically enabled on most mobile devices sold by carriers โ€”Dish is not the only one, other mobile operators like AT&T and Verizon also lock phonesโ€”. It closes the handset’s cellular bands so that it cannot operate with SIM cards from other companies, which makes you unable to switch carriers unless you remove the lock.

Can my Carrier-Locked Device be Unlocked directly with Dish Wireless?

Yes, this is definitely possible, and all you need to do is either go personally to a store in your area or call the Dish Wireless customer support department at 1-888-402-7366. However, you should take into account that asking them to remove the lock doesn’t mean they’ll do it. In fact, all carriers have certain criteria you need to meet, which in this case, are specified in the Dish Wireless unlock policy.ย 

These conditions are necessary so that your phone is considered “eligible” to have the lock removed, and are normally pretty similar. For example, the Dish Wireless unlock policy has the same requirements as the ones applicable to Boost Mobile because Dish owns that company โ€” still, if you have a Boost phone, you need to contact Boostโ€”.

Dish Wireless Unlock Policy: What are their Phone-Unlocking Eligibility Requirements? 

Dish Wireless Unlock Policy
Dish Wireless Unlock Policy

Even though Dish Wireless does not have clear information on their official website on the requirements and conditions applicable for their customers to unlock their phones, there is a policy to meet. In fact, Dish Wireless’ time, payment, and usage policies for unlocking apply to other network providers like, for example, T-Mobile and Sprint (or just T-Mobile if you consider that Sprint migrated to them).ย 

Remember that the option to SIM-unlock a smartphone directly with the carrier applies only to customers (in good standing) and previous customers who left on good terms. So, if we’re talking about a second-hand smartphone, you’ll need to ask its previous owner to help you out because only the person who appears on their system can submit the request. Let’s see together the criteria you’ll need to meet to unlock your phone from this company and open your device’s cellular bands to all networks once again.

Principal Policies to be eligible for Unlocking your Dish Wireless Device

  • You must be the original owner of the device: Only registered customers or former customers, which means that you must be the person who registered the device on their network, and therefore, its original owner.
  • You must be on good terms with Dish: There cannot be any past-due payments and if your account is canceled, its balance has to be zero, all because they’re not going to help you if you owe them money.
  • You must have met your contract terms: Whether you have a postpaid service contract, a device financing plan, or any other type of long-term obligation with the carrier, it has to be already met or you must have paid the early termination fee.
  • The device’s IMEI cannot be reported: The smartphone in question cannot be flagged as lost or stolen and cannot have any type of blacklist report.

What do I do if I own a Used Device and Dish Wireless doesn’t approve my Unlock Request?

What do I do if I own a Used Device and Dish Wireless doesn't approve my Unlock Request?
Dish Wireless didn’t approve my Unlock Request!

Well, this happens a lot because many people buy second-hand phones without checking if the device in question is locked to a specific carrier. Now, the issue is that users normally notice after making the purchase when trying to use their normal SIM card, and by that time, sellers are normally not willing to provide any help. So, if you already tried talking with Dish Wireless customer service and contacting the phone’s previous owner but nothing worked, you can consider using UnlockHere’s free unlocking service.

What Information do I need to provide to SIM Unlock my Dish Wireless Device?

When you’re making the unlock request directly with the carrier, you are required to present a lot of information along with certain specific documents like the proof of purchase of the phone and your ID. However, as UnlockHere is a third party and offers an external alternative to unlock your phone from your carrier, we only need certain key details like:

Unlock your Phone without needing any Unlock Code or having to contact Dish Wireless! 

Unlock your Phone without needing any Unlock Code or having to contact Dish Wireless!ย 
Unlock your Phone Today! 

One of the greatest advantages of using UnlockHere’s innovative service is that it is powered by AI and operates 100% online, which means that we take care of the whole carrier-unlocking process. You don’t have to worry about anything, it’s all about sending us your request and waiting for Nifty, our AI-powered assistant, to complete the job. There are no unlock codes, program installations, or anything like that involved in the process because we want to make it as simple as possible for you!

Is it Safe to use an AI-powered tool to fix a Phone Locked to Dish Wireless?

Definitely, at least talking about the service we offer in, the online unlocking procedure is completely safe and counts on several privacy protection measures implemented. With us, you’ll be able to easily unlock your mobile device remotely within two hours and with the peace of mind that we have:

  • SSL certificate protection that encrypts and encodes all the information you enter into our website.
  • A 100% online method for you to process your unlock without having to download or install APK/IPA files on the phone.
  • Private accounts for all users with their corresponding username and secret password.

Steps to Unlock your Phone without meeting the Dish Wireless Unlock Policy

Steps to Unlock your Phone without meeting the Dish Wireless Unlock Policy
Steps to Unlock your Phone without meeting the Dish Wireless Unlock Policy

Getting rid of the carrier restriction on your Dish Wireless phone is a simple process that won’t take you more than 10 minutes, all we need is for you to place your request and that’s it. For that, we recommend that you have handy the IMEI number of the smartphone because that’s key for our automated system to know which device is the one you need to fix.

Place your Request in our International SIM Unlock Platform!

The very first thing you’ll have to do is visit, which is our official website, and click on the box that says “Carrier Unlock”, which will take you to the corresponding form for that service. In there, we’ll ask you to provide the information we mentioned before (your name, the specific brand of your device, etc.), and to submit the request.

Activate the Order and Follow the Instructions given by Nifty!

After requesting an unlock with us, all users have to activate the order via the confirmation email sent to them and follow the steps that Nifty, our AI-powered assistant, will give along the way. After all that, you’ll simply have to wait because your phone will be unlocked at any time in the following two or three hours (depending on the number of orders we have active at that moment).